Ελληνικά (Greek)

At our farm you will have a unique opportunity to combine a great variety of activities and experiences.


These activities are described in detail in a separate section.

Theme activities

These have to do with the production of beneficial pure products for everyday use as natural soap, wax ointment, herb oils and others.

Theatrical Play

For those of you who are interested to come in contact with Theatrical Play, they can do it with us, whether it is in theory or in action. We support Theatrical Play for the school of “Lakis Kourentzis”


You will have the opportunity to observe the sky with a 9-inch telescope, so together we can come to know planets and constellations better than before.

Construction of Orgone accumulators

Creation of orgone accumulators that can be used for the energy charging of water, seeds, food, for us.

Natural Orgone therapy

You can have a rejuvenative and energy charging treatment while you read or listen to music.


We have two bikes that can be used for touring in the surrounding area. An interesting route is from the village of Apostoli to the lake Livada of Thrapsano.

Walking – hiking

In addition to having a walk in the picturesque little streets of the nearby villages, we would also propose some routes for hiking that are not so far away. These include visits to Minoan sites. Other routes that are further away are to the mountain Dikty (Minoan trail), or to Neraidospilio (“Cave of fairies”) at the village Astraki.

Spine Works

We can offer you spine works, a great healing technique that treats man as a whole.