Organic Orgon Farm

Ελληνικά (Greek)

The idea to create the farm originated 25 years ago. Imagination and functionality began leading us on and we as a family started to create.

The old deserted estates and the previously abandoned land slowly transformed to sustainable and productive agricultural area. At the same time, the farmland we already had been cultivating also developed with us.

I had the idea at the time that each one of us tries to build his own paradise someway, both inside as well as outside him

Of course, with time we realized that a farm is a continuous effort, a process always progressing and never really ending. Every now and then things will change: repairs, additions, creations and innovations happen all the time!

Above all our wish was to do all this in an ecologically sustainable way; so we have achieved it through natural and biological cultivation techniques, and other methods.

The very name of the farm comes from the concept of “Orgone”, Wilhelm Reich’s great scientific discovery, which relates to the Aether of the Ancient Greeks, the Chi (or Qi) of the Chinese, the Prana of the Hinduists.

It is the life force of earth and the cosmos, and we are part of it. Our philosophy and research, as well as several applications like Orgone energy accumulator and spine works, all are linked to Orgone!

You can be further informed about it all during your visit or your stay on our farm.